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How can we help our wildlife?

Know your Wildlife

If you find a small injured animal and it's safe to do so, please scoop it up in a towel and place it in a box. Transport it to your nearest vet. If you find a large injured animal on or near a road, please contact Police on 000 for assistance.


Please check for young if you find a deceased animal with a pouch (kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, koala, possum). If safe for you, please move the dead animal off the road.

Please do not feed our native animals. They eat a balanced diet and do not require supplement feeding. This can make them dependent on humans or cause illness or other issues.

Video Guides

*Videos may contain graphic content -

Animals dead or in trauma (might not be suitable for underage viewers)

Please only check a pouch if the animal is deceased. If the animal is alive, please contact HWL or your nearest rescuerer for assistance. You can find additional information on how to check a pouch in our FAQ