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Find help for injured wildlife

Select an option below based on the urgency to ensure appropriate assistance is dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please be assured that emergency and non-emergency reports are attended to with great importance.


Please locate and contact the nearest wildlife rescue immediately for the following situations:​

  • Wildlife hit by a vehicle and is injured

  • Orphaned baby wildlife

  • Animal with visible injuries or growths

  • Wildlife caught in fencing, netting, traps/snares or tangled in lines/strings

  • Sick wildlife

Distressed wildlife must get medical attention promptly.


Please use our request form for the following situations:​

  • Wildlife on your property

  • An animal was hit by a vehicle but was able to move away from the site of the accident

  • Found dead wildlife 

  • General enquiries on wildlife rescue

Our volunteers will contact you promptly to assist you.

​CAUTION: Do not put your safety at risk to rescue a wildlife animal, and always approach the animal with caution. Please refrain from handling the animal if you are unsure, uncomfortable, or not equipped to do so. 

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