The name of “Help for Wildlife” and its activities were established by Denise Garratt in 1995 to provide assistance for injured and distressed wildlife . In 2005, Help for Wildlife Inc. ,a not for profit association, was incorporated with Consumer Affairs Victoria. On 26 September 2015 Denise passed away. Her dedication will be sadly missed. The status of Help for Wildlife Inc. is “pending cancellation” by Consumer Affairs Victoria

The following entities have been established, and have conducted their operations, without the prior knowledge of, or any consultation with: the late Denise Garratt (before she passed), the estate of Denise Garratt (that is, the person chosen by Denise to be the executor of her estate) and a significant number of volunteers who assisted Denise with her Help for Wildlife activities:

  • Help for Wildlife Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 610 731710 was registered with the ASIC on 12/2/2016. It is an Australian private company. Its sole director and shareholder is George Sleiman.
  • Help for Wildlife Charity Incorporated was registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria on 8/3/2016. It is a not for profit association. Its committee includes Sue Kirwan (secretary), George Sleiman, Samantha Kirwan, Kim Hunter and Greg Rogers.
  • Help for Wildlife Australia Ltd. A.C.N. 613 275 684 was registered with the ASIC on 27/6/2016, then changed its name to Help for Wildlife Ltd. on 5/7/2016. It is an Australian public company limited by guarantee. Its directors are Sue Kirwan, George Sleiman and Samantha Kirwan.

Any use of the image of Denise Garratt, or claims of endorsement by her, by the newly established entities have occurred without consultation with the estate of Denise Garratt.

It is recommended that any persons making donations to “Help for Wildlife” ascertain the identity of the recipient entity.

29 july 2016